Hello Friends and Welcome to my new website!

I am dedicating it to all the children that I know and will meet in the future.

You may have already learned from the “About Me” section that I am very passionate about strengthening our children’s relationship with nature. It became even more important to me once our twins arrived a few months ago. I realized this was my chance to do things right for them. To teach them to enjoy life.

I can’t mess it up!

I want our children to experience the beauty of the natural world: caterpillars and butterflies, ocean waves and sun, rain drops and snow flakes, animals and scary bugs!

Often times when the babies are crying, I take them outside for a walk in the fresh air, to see trees and flowers, to feel the sun and the wind… Even to splash in puddles in our yard…They are so little, but they are already learning how to enjoy Nature. How to enjoy Life!

I want to remember every moment of it… I want every parent to remember their children’s precious moments…

I know I will be capturing it all for my children… Capture it for your children as well. Time passes by quickly. Don’t be the parent who looks back with that regrettable feeling of lost memories. The time to start is now! Reach out and say “hello”. I would love to meet you and capture your precious moments forever.