Often times I hear people say,” I don’t need an album, the images will be just fine…” This is commonplace in the photography industry. With digitalization of everything people started to undervalue the importance of prints and albums.   Let’s take a closer look at this now.  It may just cost you a lot more in a long run! Precious memories that are never printed and preserved, or digital files that are accidentally lost; what is the difference?  There is no difference.  Neither of them has served their true purpose… to capture & remember.

Social Media

Social media is great for sharing your photos with friends and family in the moment.  When was the last time you opened a photo gallery or scrolled through your Facebook timeline from ten years ago?  Not too often.  Social media is “right now” media.

What does an 8 x10 print cost?

For most professional photographers, it takes on average 33 minutes in total time to produce a large-format image. This time includes capturing the image on a high-quality camera, retouching and color correcting in a graphics software package, ordering a print from a portrait lab, shipping and delivering to a client with all the communication along the way.
What is the actual cost of the print to the photographer? Probably around $15.
This does not even include all the top-notch photography equipment, education, & talent.  It’s just the print.

Of course, there are cheaper alternatives for prints too.  Photographs that are printed through an online provider or retail store will cost even less.   Well, everybody knows that “you get what you pay for”.  Super chains like Walmart and drug stores, print photos in the store on high-speed / low quality printers.  These prints are the same quality as photo paper in your old HP printer.  They lack UV protection and fade quickly.  These prints will not last for generations.

DIY Albums

Now, let’s explore the cost of a nice DIY album.
•Your masterpiece will need to print 20 high quality prints at a cost of $300 ($15 a print).
•You’ll also need to buy an album. Do you buy a high-quality album to put the photographs into or do you get it from a retail store as well?  Let’s estimate the cost for an average quality alum at $30.
•Of course, you’ll need a nice frame for display in your child’s room. How much would you pay for an average frame?  $20 probably?
It doesn’t take very long for your costs to quickly reach the $200 or $300 price point for albums, frames & prints.

The Professional Album

This is why I am so excited to share an extraordinary offer with you!   An Italian hand-made album customized with your child’s portraits.   With twenty pages, this album is filled with twenty great portraits on 9.5 by 9.5 spreads.  Because it’s printed on portrait paper with a special coating to protect images, your album will last for generations to come!
What really differentiates this album is the cover and display box.  Your favorite portrait is printed on the cover & the display box has a magnetized transparent cover.  The album serves as a picture box that can be displayed in your child’s room!   At a cost of $275, this album is competitively priced against the DIY Album and far exceeds their quality.  How incredible is that?

Preserve your memories.
Children grow fast.
What will you have left?