We had a Nashua Senior Photo Shoot with Natan this morning.  I love delivering the “final product” to my clients and they are usually shocked and comment “Wow! I didn’t expect such a photo when we were taking them!”  That’s a real cool aspect of photography.  What I see though the lens as a photographer looks very different from what a spectator sees!
As I was shooting Natan’s portraits, his mother was capturing a few photos of the session from her perspective. She was nice to share them with me after the session. Let’s take a look at a few of the different photos with the final result!

Nashua Bridge

Senior Portraits at the...
Nashua Senior Photo Shoot

The bridge over the river in downtown Nashua is always a fun place to shoot portraits.  The guys really love the look of the iron girders in the background.  The narrow bridge and the colorful brick background of the buildings can overwhelm a photograph.

Nashua Senior Photo Shoot

My approach to this shot is to create a narrow depth of field so that the subject is in focus & the background is a bit blurry.  You can still understand the location, but your eyes are naturally drawn to the subject in focus.
The iron handrail connects Natan to the scene as he holds the railing.  The railing forms a “leading line” and fades off into the background of the shot.

Downtown Nashua

Senior Portraits in...
Nashua Senior Photo Shoot

Downtown Nashua is loaded with red brick buildings.  The scene for this shot was very busy!  With a large crane truck and working crew across the street, we positioned Natan against a brick wall.  The sidewalk had a small pile of rubble at the end but here’s how we made this location work!

Nashua Senior Photo Shoot

I wanted a tighter crop on this shot to avoid all of the distractions  such as the street, windows above Natan & the concrete foundation by his feet.  I shot this portrait at a variety of apertures… my goal was to have more of the bricks in front of Natan in focus.  The focal point was about two bricks in front him to capture this effect.
Again, all of the lines in the photograph lead to Natan.  His strong posture and serious look work well here.

Having an interesting location to shoot is still very important.  I always encourage my clients to select a area where they are comfortable.  From that point, finding the best background & the most flattering position with the available light comes with experience.
I shoot a limited number of senior portraits every year.  If you’re interested in my work, please feel free to contact me.  I love speaking to people about their ideas for a photo session!