As a mother of twins, I know how challenging life can become. Your responsibilities go up exponentially! You don’t get any sleep, you barely can make it out of the house, and you certainly don’t have time for yourself.

Even the thought of having your twin portrait  done is daunting.  Your motherly instinct and common sense tells you this can easily become a frustrating all-day event filled with screaming, crying, and fits of anger.  Not even to mention the kids misbehaving!

It’s very easy to just throw in the towel and give up.  Why torture yourself?  Maybe it’s best just to forget about it now and do it another day.

As a mother of twins, I know that you are strong.  Now is the time to summons that inner-strength and get these portraits done! There is no time machine to get back to infant and toddler years… it’s up to you to make this happen!  Preparing for the portrait session can be a frustrating process.  After you have an amazing photograph of your kids, all of the negative stuff will fade away and you’ll have a great set of portraits that will last forever!

A mother of twins, I’ll help you through the process.  We’ll approach the photo session differently.  I understand the challenges!  I understand!  Photographing multiples has a unique set of challenges for the photographer and the parents!  I love twins and have dedicated a section of my website to multiples!

Here is one of the first photos of twins (in addition to my own), that I want to share with you!  These images are taking at Beaver Brook, Hollis NH.

More to come soon!